Celebrating Community:
Columbia and Howard County

This website and the art exhibit on which it is based are a celebration of the city of Columbia and the surrounding community—a celebration that has emerged out of a sense of gratitude for the vision of Jim Rouse, for all those who made the vision a reality, and for all those who continue to keep the vision alive.

Rouse said, “The highest purpose of a city or civilization is to nourish the growth of its people.” We are grateful for everything that Columbia and Howard County have to offer that allows all of us in this community to be nourished and to grow.

Each portrait in the exhibit is reproduced here and represents some aspect of our community for which we—and, of course, many others—are grateful and which has enabled the kind of growth envisioned by Rouse. While a mere exhibit could never adequately represent all that surrounds us, we hope that these paintings, these people, and their comments will provide some inspiration for reflection upon the great diversity of people, opportunities, and commitments that make Columbia and all of Howard County the kind of place that reflects Rouse’s original vision.

In addition to the portraits, we have included a tribute to the beauty of the countryside of Howard County through a collection of paintings by Oda Von Berg. Oda lives on a farm in Cookesville and has painted the animals that have surrounded her. Howard County has a long history and Oda’s home, built in 1795, has been a part of it.


The quotations and links to videos of Rouse in this section are an attempt to show how Rouse’s vision for cities in general—and for Columbia in particular—have inspired me and serve as the thread that connects the portraits in the exhibit.


Reproductions of the portraits in the exhibit are presented in this section, along with some information about the people and short videos of them as they talk about the community and what it means to them.


Reproductions of the paintings of Oda Von Berg are presented in this section. Also included is a video of Oda talking about these paintings and her love of the countryside.


This section presents information about the artist who created the portrait exhibit; the director who envisioned this website and created the videos; and the web developer who put it all together.

The Fountain at Lake Kittamaqundi

The Fountain

The Chrysalis
(under construction)

The Chrysalis

Black Eyed Susans
at Lake Kittamaqundi

Kayaking and Fishing
at Wilde Lake

Daisies on
Green Mountain Circle

Turtles at Lake Kittamaqundi

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